photo taken by Andy P.
photo taken by Andy P.
photo taken by Kai Dickson
photo taken by Kai Dickson
photo taken by Jesse Roth, SOC
photo taken by Jesse Roth, SOC

Growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Harsanyi became interested in still photography at an early age. After receiving an athletic scholarship at the Savannah College of Art and Design and earning his BFA in Film and Television, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his career in the American film industry. He has been fortunate enough to work for production and media companies such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, Skydance Media, Sony Pictures, Legendary or Marvel Entertainment, and for film distributors like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple TV and Disney+. During his 1 year long working visa, he also became an associate member of the Society of Camera Operators and joined to IATSE ICG Local 600 as a digital utility where after a few months he stepped up a classification and became a 2nd assistant camera. On the Summer of 2022, after finishing up his 5 years long program in the US, he moved back to his homeland to learn more about the European film culture and gain more experiences from the Hungarian film industry. In the past years has been working for various international productions such as Dune, Halo, or House of Spoils and for local shows like Hunyadi, Kegyelem, Apatigris or A Mi Kis Falunk.
 ​​For more information about George and his work history, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

2023 Filmtett Workshop - Winners
2021 VoyageATL - Life and Work with George Harsanyi
2021 Red Dot Design Award - PreMil Chicago

2024 Kegyelem - feature directed by Tamás Dömötör and shot by Bálint Pál Nagy / Video operator & Data Wrangler

2023 The Haute Couture Mysteries - feature directed by Felipe Rodriguez and shot by Adam Fillenz / Video operator & Data Wrangler
2023 Maria - feature directed by Pablo Larraín and shoy by Ed Lachman, ASC / Additional Production Assistant
2023 Hell Energy Commercial directed by Norbert Németh and shot by Márton Bognár  / 2nd AC & Data Wrangler & Video Operator 
2023 Hell Energy Commercial directed by Attila Hartung and shoy by Kristóf M. Deák  / 2nd AC & Data Wrangler
2023 Füstös, de nem rossz - short film for Filmtett Workshop directed by Anna Ágnes Farkas / cinematographer 
2023 The Ring - feature for Arza & KMH Film directed by Yoav Paz, Doron Paz & Adir Miller and shoy by Moshe Mishali / Video operator & Data Wrangler 
2023 Hunyadi - series directed by Balazs Lengyel and shot by Gyorgy Reder / Video assist 
2023 Wavy - documentary directed by Dora Szelei / Camera Operator 
2023 Mi Kis Falunk - TV series directed by Balazs Loth and shot by Frigyes Kapitany / Video operator & 2nd AC
2023 Penny Magyarorszag Commercial directed by Balazs Lippai & Dora Szelei and shot by Daniel Megyeri / 2nd AC
2023 Svábhegy Observatory Commercial directed by Bozó Bekő  / cinematographer
2023 Halo Vlog Series for Skyshowtime directed by Andi Szatmari / director of photography
2023 Samsung Commercial directed by Seong Hoon Park and shot by Jun Yeong Jang / 2nd AC 
2023 KOL Girls Music Videos directed by Heewon Shin and shot by InSeuk Jung / camera trainee
2023 Pick Commercial directed by Izabella Mazzag and shot Daniel Kiszler / 2nd AC    
2023 Aldi Commercial directed by Balazs Budavari and shot Daniel Kiszler / 2nd AC  ​​​​​​​

2022 Fight or Flight - feature for Royal Budapest Film Co. directed by James Madigan  and shot by Matt Flannery / 2nd AC: 'C' Cam  
2022 Dune: The Sisterhood - feature for HBO Max directed by Johan Renck and shot by Jakob Ihre / 2nd AC: 'D' Cam  
2022 House of Spoils - feature for Blumhouse & Amazon Prime directed by Bridget Savage Cole & Danielle Krudy and shot by Eric Lin / 2nd AC: 'B' Cam  
2022 MOL Move Slovnaft - Commercial created by The Soup Collective / 2nd AC
2022 The Pigeon Tunnel - Documentary feature directed by Errol Morris and shot by Igor Martinovic / camera trainee
2022 Halo - TV series for Paramount+ directed by Jonathan Liebesman and shot by Karl Walter Lindenlaub / camera trainee
2022 Sziget Festival - After movies / director of photography 
2022 Apatigris - TV series for RTL Hungary directed by Fanni Szilagyi and shot by Andras Szoke / 2nd AC: 'A' cam 
2022 Dr.Kelen - Commercial for Creativo Media shot by Marton Bognar / gaffer 
2022 Echo - TV series for Marvel & Disney+ directed bSydney Freeland & shot by Magdalena Gorka ASC, PSC / drone utility - Ascend Aerials
2022 Black Mafia Family - TV series for Lionsgate Television directed bDanny Boyer & shot by Spencer Hutchins / Splinter unit - arm car equipment tech - Ascend Aerials
2022 Found - EP. Drama Pilot for NBC directed by Demane Davis & shot by Ramsey Nickell / drone utility - Ascend Aerials
2022 Tell Me Lies S1 - TV series for 20th Century Fox Television directed bIsabel Sandovan & shot by Charlie Gruet / drone visual safety - Ascend Aerials 
2022 Harold and the Purple Crayon - feature for Sony Pictures directed bSteve Ritzi & shot by Paul Krumper / 2nd AC: 2nd unit 'A' cam  
2022 Legacies S4 E15 - TV series for Warner Bros. Television directed bJeffrey Hunt & shot by Bradford Lipson / digital utility 
2022 Southern Gothic - feature directed bTom Schulman & shot by Alan Caudillo / 2nd AC 'A' cam 
2022 Blue Beetle - feature for Warner Bros. Entertainment directed by Angel Manuel Soto & shot by Pawel Pogorzelski / zone monitor
2022 Ghosted - feature for Skydance and Apple TV+ directed by Dexter Fletcher and shot by Salvatore Totino, ASC, AIC / zone monitor 
2022 The Resident S5-E14 - TV series for 20th Century Fox Television directed by Manish Dayal and shot by Jules Labarthe / camera digital utility

2021 Where All Light Tends To Go - feature directed by Ben Young and shot by Michael McDermott, ACS / camera digital utility
2021 Brothers - feature for Legendary Entertainment directed by Max Barbakow and shot by Quyen Tran, ASC / zone monitor
2021 Fenix parts - brand film by Inclusive productions / 1st AC 
2021 Coins forever - feature for tvONE directed by Tamara Bass / best boy electric
2021 Moonshot - feature for HBO Max directed by Christopher Winterbauer / zone monitor
2021 Gutsy Women - doc series for Apple TV+ directed by Sally Freeman / PA
2021 Pine Grove Vixen - indie short directed by Seth F. Johnson / best boy grip​​​​​​
2021 Blueberries - indie short by Tungsten Originals / 1st AC
2021 Body Shop - senior thesis directed by Will Robinson / 2nd AC
2021 Club Car - brand film directed by Melissa Chilson / 2nd AC
2021 Leave 'Em in Stitches - short passion film directed by Dakota Cerro / gaffer
2021 FTW - music video directed by Melissa Chilson / cinematographer
2021 Bathwater - senior thesis directed by John McKeating / cinematographer
2021 Sandra's Sunday Best - thesis directed by Janssen Swent / cinematographer
2021 Beach House - senior thesis directed by Yihui Hu / gaffer

2020 Silent Zone - feature film directed by Peter Deak / camera trainee
2020 Aktiv Magyarorszag - TVC by Umbrella TV / gaffer
2020 Wake up 1230: Baby Star - music video by Compact TV / 1st AC
2020 BP 10 - TVC directed by Miklos Mendrei / camera trainee
2020 Fluffy Kitty - TVC directed by Nandor Gelencser / cinematographer
2020 Gerendas-Tamaska: Eleg - music video directed by Bence Vilagi / gaffer
2020 Tickless Human - commercial directed by Kristof Novak / 1st AC
2020 Doktor Balaton - TV series directed by David Csicskar / 1st AC , 2nd AC
2020 Omron - commercial directed by Gergely Vass / camera trainee
2020 Ngot: Di Tru Dong - music video directed by Erik Pham / steadicam operator
2020 Confessions - student short directed by Matt Nunbhakdi  / cinematographer
2020 Writing class - student short directed by Tianli Liu / 1st AC
2020 Seeds - student short directed by William Harrison / cinematographer

2019 Daily Dose - graduate senior thesis directed by Katy Shetler / 2nd AC
2019 Laura - student short directed by Lei Wang / 2nd AC
2019 Light Years - graduate senior thesis directed by Kit McDonald / 2nd AC
2019 Flying Horses - senior thesis directed by Max Bortniker / 2nd AC
2019 The Killers - student short directed by Jake Redmond / gaffer
2019 Scorpion Fly - senior thesis directed by Satyn Bulchandani / grip
2019 Ridin' - senior thesis directed by Devin Gaston / gaffer
2019 Time - SCAD short directed by Mitchell Smalenski / grip